Riu de Vins a few minutes away from our rural accommodation

One of the most important winegrowing events of the year takes place in Sant Pere de Riudebitllles del Alt Penedès, in the province of Barcelona, a few minutes away from our rural accommodation “El Moli Blanc”.

It consists of a very unique fair where the most important wineries of the region gather and display their best wines and they reveal their newest vintages. The festival “Riu de Vins” is organized by the 13 wine cellars present in the region. Furthermore, it counts with the participation of the group “Territori d’Art”.

The event is a unique occasion to enjoy the delights of wine together with the surrounding nature. Nothing better than to make a reservation in our rural hotel located near this place so shaped by the wine culture.

Since wine is the main attraction(??), we shall begin with a wine sample from the winners of the 12th edition of the contest, Vila Viniteca. This way, the organizers try to benefit from the experience of their closest partners to promote the 3 most relevant elements: wine, heritage and art.

Thus, several art pieces will decorate the tasting, such as a luxurious background, creating an environment which fosters the attendee’s enjoyment and delectation. We shall not forget the important role of regional heritage in the expectations of the participants, whom will find a paramount wine environment.

The event will take place on the coming 4th of May, from 17:30 until 22:00. It is advisable to get a rural accommodation in order to enjoy this paramount product from the region all along the weekend.

Monday April 29, 2019 |

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