Book our rural accommodation El Molí Blanc with a meeting Muladhara!

In recent years, reserving a rural accommodation is an alternative to mass tourism
inside or outside the country, more and more often, looking for experiences in nature, ranging from a retreat with friends or as a couple, to Real organized meetings that deal with a specific topic.

Such is the case of the next event in our rural accommodation El Molí Blanc deMuldahara – Organika, a retreat program that promotes holistic nutrition. This philosophy understands food as a sacred activity, whose impact affects physical and emotional health. In the same way, it offers a personal development guide from functional exercises, although its main objective is to help improve our relationship with food.


The Hotel Molí Blanc will have the pleasure of hosting the Organika Holistic Nutrition Program 6th edition


From July 25th to August 1st, our rural house will have the pleasure of receiving this exclusive Experimental Meeting. Throughout a week, its organizers will develop various workshops aimed  
at spreading the benefits of holistic nutrition.


Among them we highlight the Workshops of Conscious Feeding, a current of thought that promotes the self-listening of the body to improve the feeding. Management techniques and energy management in good eating habits are also included.
There will also be activities such as laughter therapy, live music, equine therapy or conscious napping, as well as cooking workshops to learn how to eat well.


Our rural house: a unique framework


El Molí Blanc is the perfect environment for the development of personal growth activities. Its privileged location between Sant Pere de Riudebitlles and Torrelavit, in the Alt Penedès, provides recognition and serenity in equal parts.

In a past time it was a mill (17th century), now converted into a complete house of rural accommodation, with a current design that respects the original architectural elements, and is another attraction that is in the magnificent enclave.

On the other hand, the hotel-rural accommodation is equipped with all the functions of the tasks of our era, which does not leave us a minute to practice silence, or the mere observation of nature.
Take a break and come enjoy with all your senses!

Tuesday June 11, 2019 |

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